The Boy With Spots

Based on the true story of Noa and Erez Gaon

Goshen Theater in collaboration with the National Theater for Children and Youth

While in sixth grade Noa moves with her family to a new city and to a new school.

Along with all her concerns and excitement, she doesn't imagine that she will have to deal with the fact that she is the sister of the boy with spots. The one who is mocked and pointed at during breaks.

Noa knows that her little brother Erez, who dreams of becoming a magician, is the most generous and funniest boy in the world, but in order to find her place at the new school, she becomes entangled in a growing lie, endangering her relationship with Erez and with her new classmates.

Noa will discover that with the power of truth and her love for her brother she can create real magic.

A story about true friendship, sibling love and the ability to see the inner beauty hidden in each and every one of us.

Duration: 50 minutes

For ages: 9 and up

שחקנים ויוצרים

Play written by: Ruthie Gaon, Chen Lugasi, David Bilanka

Directed by: David Bilanka and Chen Lugasi

Writing accompaniment and theatrical development: Yifat Zandani-Zafir

Music: Nir Shalev Lugasi

Set design: Batya Segal and Michael Pick

Video art: Erez Schwartzbaum

Costumes: Abya Bash

With the participation of: Bar Cohen, Rafael Abbas, Chen Ohayon, Gil Fishman

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