What's in the Middle

A musical comedy about a king who canceled the middle.

Goshen Theater

King Gripa the First is a lazy king who always looks for shortcuts. Not only does he want to know Chinese without learning it, but he also wants to marry off his feminist daughter, Princess Clementine, to someone who will put him to sleep without getting tired.

Luckily, Samatoha, the court jester, is around to teach this king that nothing can be achieved without a process.

Duration: 60 minutes.

For ages: 5-12

שחקנים ויוצרים

Play: Haim Idisis

Directed by: Amit Levy

Music: Jonathan Magon

Scenery and costumes: Roy Vettori

Director: Ben Oved Berkovich

With the participation of: Assaf Farinta, Uri Atiya, Carmel Kendal, Uri Perlman and Sahar Udai

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