The Good Wolf

Inspired by the miraculous story of Holocaust survivor Mishka Zilberstein

Theater of the Soul, producer Howard Rip

Young Mishka was forced to leave his family and run away from the ghetto into the woods.

There in the depths of the forest an extraordinary friendship is forged between Mishka and a local wolf.

The wolf teaches Mishka to connect with nature and his own primal instincts, and together they embark on a journey of survival against the forces of nature and man. An exciting and inspiring story of heroism that blurs the line between the historical and the mythical.

Duration: 60 minutes.

For ages: 10 and up

שחקנים ויוצרים

Playwright and director: Sarel Peterman

Movement design: Talia Landa

Music: Idan Yitzchaik

Dramaturgy: Beatrice Hall

Set design: Shai Aharon

Costume design: Nofer Dresden

Lighting design: Meir Alon

Choreography: Yaniv Avraham

Video design: Sivan Pelser and Nitay Shalem

Assistant director: Stav Benit

With the participation of: Gal Nissim, Michael Peled, Yiftah Kaminer

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